Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Demand Studios E-Books - Are You Kidding Me?

So yesterday Demand Studios announces their line of e-books.

Why any writer would write an e-book for DMS is beyond me.

Not only did they announce it they are asking all their writers who have had nothing to write in months to promote DMS e-books on Facebook and Twitter!

The great things about writing an e-book/self publishing is that you do not need DMS or anyone else to do it. Why a writer would sell themselves short like this just makes me shake my head.

I have no idea how the DMS writers got paid but instead of taking DMS money; write your own e-book and keep the profits for eternity instead of an upfront payment.

Someone on the forum said too many people do not know how to market their own e-book. Well apparently DMS isn't too great at it either as they need their starving writers to do it for them.

Just say no!!


  1. Hey Kay, thought I'd let you know I gave you a shout out on my blog. :)


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