Sunday, March 25, 2012

More Google SEO Changes

Like I have said over and over on this blog and to my Etsy SEO clients, Google will continually change and heres the proof!

Heres a good article that explains the changes that are especially affecting blog ratings.

Many of my customers that I have worked with on Etsy have asked me if it is worth "buying" backlinks. I have always advised them NOT to do that. Well hopefully they took my advice because Google is tired of paid links to boost ratings and all those blogs and sites that did it are now paying for it.

The blog roll "Build My Rank" is apparently the first casualty with all of those blogs being taken off all the first pages of Google search.

Again Google only wants quality content to come up first. Not blogs and sites that paid for links to fool search bots.

This is good news for mom and pop blogs and stores, not so good for those that gamed the system. This is why I always tell people DO NOT TRY TO GAME GOOGLE. You may get rewards for a short time, but in the long term you are hurting yourself.

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