Sunday, March 11, 2012

Highest Selling Crafts

Everyone wants to know what craft items are in high demand and sell the best? After making, selling and teaching crafts for most of my life I will say its food. Yes food.

Now keep in mind from my previous post you are always going to make the most money teaching a craft or selling a craft pattern. But if that just isn't your forte then food is where its at.

Some will argue and say that food isn't a "craft." But I disagree. Niche/gourmet food is a craft. It is normally hand made unusual food with nothing mass produced. Think jam, cake pops, cookies,spices, bbq sauce, herb sauces, pepper sauces, candy etc etc.

For many years I sold my hand painted items at craft shows. I watched while the food people outsold me every time. It used to really irritate me.

Every craft show we attended last year we sold way more than any other booth at the show. Even the really slow shows we sold jam.

Great food sells. It just does. People will pay a higher price for food they cannot readily get at a big box store or make themselves.

Food can be tricky depending on what state you live in. Be sure to look up the Cottage Food laws for your particular state.

Also you need to really track your costs and know exactly what each item costs you to make. That way you are sure you are not losing money. But that is true of anything you sell.

Also product liability insurance is a must if you are selling homemade food. I have a 2 million dollar policy on my jam and jelly. Jam and jelly are considered very low risk so I was able to get a really good policy for only about 350.00 per year. This also covers anyone getting hurt at any craft show or farmers market that I attend.

Like any craft to be successful you have to be passionate about what you make. That applies to food, jewelry, painted items etc.

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