Sunday, March 25, 2012

Crafting for Charity

Sorry for my absence. I ended up in the hospital with pnemonia and extremely high blood pressure. I am finally on the mend and back at work!

Recently I came across a blog that accepts hand knitted and crocheted items for homeless people in Ohio.

What a great way to be creative and help others in need. I am working on a mans extra long scarf as March is scarf month.

My daughter and I have also been crocheting baby hats for preemies in need.

This economy is a tough one and I know so many of us are struggling. But I am a firm believer in helping others and getting outside of your own issues. Giving to charity always helps us more than it helps who we are giving to.

Try to hook up with one and donate some of your hand crafted items. You will be glad did!

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