Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Craft Items Sell the Best?

I see this question posted all over the internet. People seem to think there is some magical craft item that just sells a ton and makes a lot of easy money. This is just not how it works.

The great thing right now is that due to the recession (or whatever you want to call it) The handmade crafts market is booming. There is a huge return to buying handmade gifts and LEARNING HOW TO MAKE handmade gifts.

So many people over look that last sentence. Probably the easiest most profitable money there is to be made in the crafts industry is teaching your craft to other people. This can be in the form of a class, video, blogs, patterns etc.

So many crafter's are hesitant to sell their patterns or teach a class. Because we are like hoarders. We don't want anyone to know how we made something or sell our patterns because they might outsell us. This is crazy!!

Now not everyone is meant to teach a class. I myself love to teach classes whether it be painting, crocheting etc. There is great money to be made in teaching classes. So if you love people and have a crafty flair; contact your local craft store and see about teaching what you love to do. I averaged about $25.00 per hour when I taught tole painting.

Okay so maybe teaching is not your forte. What about selling patterns? I have posted about this several times on this blog and elsewhere. People that refuse to sell patterns are missing a huge market. This is the easiest highest profit money you will ever make in the craft industry.

People that buy craft patterns obviously enjoy making their own craft items. They are never going to buy your finished craft items, but they will buy the pattern. So this opens up a brand new market for you and a new customer base.

People are going to copy others anyway, so make it easy and make a few bucks at the same time.

The other day I was writing Etsy Product Descriptions for an Etsy store. While researching what her best keywords are I noticed a huge amount of Google searches for patterns in the item she makes and sells.

I advised her to think hard about selling a downloadable e-pattern for what she makes. I think she would be hugely successful if she decides to do it.

So lets say you are new and do not have any original craft design patterns to sell. To be successful you must pick a craft you are passionate about making. I am a firm believer in that.

Then you must pick the right colors and the right price. Quality handmade items always sell as long as they are in the right colors and prices.

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