Friday, February 10, 2012

Self Publishing Your Crochet Patterns

I welcome my first grandson Feb 6, 2011!!! Woohoo! Welcome to the world Kamden Cole Baxter.

I edited this post 2-11 to add more info at the bottom as I was getting lots of email questions!

So of course I crocheted him a blanket and a couple hats. With another grandson coming in April and a great nephew coming in July, I am crocheting up a storm.

I came across one of the best crochet sites I have ever found and found their page on publishing your own crochet patterns. Really great info!

I have been telling writers/crocheter's on Demand Studios for years to stop selling their original crochet (or any craft pattern) patterns to Demand for a measly $15.00. I could never understand why so many people did that.

Original craft patterns are great little money makers. You can sell them on your website, blog, Etsy, Ravelry etc. Instead of getting paid by Demand once, you can get paid over and over.

You can even self publish an e-book with many patterns and sell it on Amazon.

Here is the link to Crochet Crowd and the article on publishing your own patterns.

Click here for an older blog post I did on selling patterns

Also if you need an easy to use program that delivers your patterns automatically check out my older post on using E-Junkie

Only costs $5.00 per month and your customers get your pattern as soon as they pay.

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