Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rejected From QVC

Well I got my rejection email from QVC today. At least they were quick to deny me LOL.

The email said my product did not fit in with their marketing plan. What an odd way to reject jam and jelly. I wish I could have got them to taste it. No one really gets my jam and jelly until they taste it.

I tried to sell them gift packs of my wine and pepper jelly. Basically my 2 top selling jams and jellies.

Okay so next I am either going to try HSN or Shark Tank. Not sure which one. I have been reading up on the Shark Tank terms.

One of them is that the production company gets 2 to 5 percent of your companies profits forever if a shark picks you. Dang!! I have to ponder that one some more.


  1. Have you tried showing them off on Pinterest? Some people seem to have luck selling stuff off of there by showing it through photos...

  2. I just started using Pinterest last week. Lots of fun! I sell quite a few on Facebook and at shows but wanted to give QVC a try just for kicks. Thanks for commenting!

  3. I'll watch for you on SharkTank. I always watch that show. They never say anything about having to give the production company a percentage though. Sneaky. lol

  4. Hi Tammy! So good to see you. Yeah I was shocked when I read that they also get a percentage. Most reality shows pay you to come on LOL. Surely they at least pay the travel costs? If you don't get picked that would be a lot of money to eat. I think I will submit and see what happens. I love that show!!!

  5. Hi,

    My guess is QVC rejected you product since it is an edible product. I am not implying that they dont sell food products, but I guess they will have inventory and brand issues.

    Good Luck.


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