Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Writers Laid off From Demand Studios

Well one look at the Demand Studios forums shows it is now officially imploding on itself.

As more and more writers get rejected for the new "writer sections" it becomes apparent that this was just another way for Demand Studios to lay off a huge amount of writers without admitting to a massive layoff. That wouldn't look good right before their 4th quarter financial report.

Oddly enough, as of last week, I was still approved for Finance and Money. I specifically asked Jordon on the Demand forum if that meant I was staying in. He replied it did. A few days later I was met with "re apply." So much for that answer.

I applied for the Pets section but still no word. I seriously doubt I will get in but that's okay.

I think what upsets writers more than being rejected is being rejected with form emails that have nothing to do with their application. Many like myself easily meet the "qualification" guidelines yet still get a rejection letter.

I think most writers would feel better if DMS would just call it what it is. Another layoff.

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