Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How to Pick the Right Craft Show

If you are a crafter now is the time to be picking and reserving what craft shows you are going to attend for 2012.

I have found that a lot of people new to selling crafts are afraid to ask questions. If you are going to plunk down your hard earned money to rent space; you need to ask questions. All craft shows are not created equal. Do not waste your time and money on shows that get little traffic.

Questions for Craft Show Managers:

How many buyers came through the show in 2011?

Any craft show manager worth their salt knows what their previous years attendance was. If it is a low number skip that show and move on. Be wary though of managers that hand out huge numbers. I was told by our mall manager that a huge number of people had attended the year before only to find out later it was false information. Beware!

Will this show be advertised?

If the response is that their advertising consists of poster board signs on the street; skip it and move on. A good craft show manager will give you a list of newspapers, websites etc that the show is being promoted on.

Co op Promoting:

The best shows ask their exhibitors to co promote with them on Facebook and other social media outlets. I had one show manager that loved my stuff so much that she promoted me on Facebook even though the show was full and I could not get in.


If you are not familiar with where the show is held ask about the location. Is it off the beaten path or on a main roadway? This can make a huge difference especially for newish shows. We attended a first year show last year that was unfortunately way off the beaten path. It also had zero advertising. It had about 20 people come thru the entire day. Lesson learned!

Hand made items only?

I prefer to attend real craft shows where only hand made items are allowed. These always seem to be the higher attended shows and the better money makers. Shows that also allow resale items, party plans etc are just not nearly as successful.

Most real hand made only craft shows are also juried which normally equals a better show. I LOVE juried craft shows!!

I really prefer not to sell my items across from someone selling junk tshirts and hats from overseas. So anti craft show in my opinion but it seems to be happening a lot now.

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