Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Writing Good Etsy Product Descriptions

Whether you sell your arts and crafts on your own website or on Etsy or Artfire, really think about your product descriptions.

Since your customer cannot feel, smell or hold your item, your product description has to be, well.. descriptive. I think many artists are afraid to self promote; but if you don't promote yourself who will? Tell people why your products are outstanding. Why should they buy it?

Google recommends at least 500 words. I have not found it necessary to write to that length. One great paragraph can be better than 5 paragraphs of useless information.

You want to use keywords and keyword phrases, but they have to sound natural! Beware of trapping yourself. I see a lot of artists trap themselves into one specific holiday or event. Always think big picture. If you sell blank greeting cards do not use "Valentines greeting card" Instead say:

This heart shaped greeting card is blank on the inside so that you can write your own special message. My original design heart art greeting cards are perfect for Valentines day, Mothers day or just to send someone special to let them know you are thinking of them.Be sure and order some extra blank greeting cards to have on hand for unexpected occasions,such as thank you or get well cards.

All of my original art greeting cards are printed with archival ink on high quality number 12 water color paper and can be used as framed art.

Okay so I covered pretty much all the bases of a reason why someone would send a greeting card. But I made it sound natural. I also put in a ton of keywords and keyword phrases such as valentines day, mothers day, get well card, blank greeting card, greeting card, thank you card.

Not only did I tell them why they should buy my card, I told them why they should buy extra cards.

Then instead of just saying "printed on number 12 water color paper" I told them my card is printed with high quality ink and paper and gave them another use for a greeting card (framed art)

If I had a real card in front of me I would go into details about the artwork, the colors etc. But since this is an imaginary card I wont go there.

You can substitute just about any product into this description.

Happy Selling!

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