Saturday, January 28, 2012

Working for Leapsource/Lionbrand Update

I have been getting a lot of messages and emails asking me for more info on the Leapsource/Lionbrand work from home jobs.

I know a couple people that have been working there. In a nutshell they hate it. Like I said before it is very repetitive boring work. Also to make the higher money you have to have a work history and speed in order to take the better paying work.

Some have also said it is stressful as your online work desk tracks your speed and accuracy and tells you when you are too slow etc.

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Another problem some have is that the available work hours are sporadic and do not come close to 40 hours unless you can get that higher paying work. Most are getting about 10 hours per week.

And again it can take up to 60 days to get paid. You must first work 30 days, submit your work invoice and get it approved, then wait for a check to be mailed. Very archaic method of paying people.

I do not think this is worth the hassle of the prolonged testing, invoicing for your hours, waiting to get paid etc etc.

It could be a good match for people that are very detail oriented and have the patience to keep going until you can get the higher paying work.

Most of the people I know have lasted about 60 days and quit.

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