Monday, January 16, 2012

Self Publishing on Amazon Got Easier!

The past couple days I have self published two more books on Amazon as Kindle books and one more on Barnes & Noble as a Nook book. I cannot believe how easy it is compared to last summer when I tried to upload my own e-books.

Now I will say these books have no images so that alone made it easier. If you have images it will be harder to correctly format.

But what I found this week is that just uploading my Microsoft Word file worked perfectly. The preview on Amazon looked great.

I am so happy they are making it easier to self publish books without all the crazy formatting.

For all my writing friends that are stressing about formatting, go upload your book on Amazon and check the preview. You may not need to do all the formatting. If it doesn't look correct just leave it in draft mode. No big deal.

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