Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Famous Hamburger Pizza Recipe

Well its Sunday and I am still recovering from the flu. So I will do an easy post on my famous homemade pizza recipe. Yes I am actually known in several states for my pizza LOL.

Looks good enough to eat right?

2 packages instant pizza dough
1 lb hamburger
Mozzarella cheese (the more the better) Get the medium shred as its melts the best
Garlic salt, salt & pepper
Pizza Sauce (I prefer Contadina original pizza sauce)

Make the dough in a bowl with 1 Cup of very hot water. Put some EVOO on top of the dough and flip it over to cover with oil. Cover with a towel and place on top of the stove that is preheating to 425 degrees. (the dough needs to be in a warm spot to rise)

Oil a pizza pan with EVOO. It needs to be a high quality pizza pan! Do not use a cookie sheet or they have that cookie sheet taste. Ewww.

Fry the hamburger (or italian sausage) with garlic salt, salt and pepper. Drain grease after cooking.

Spread the dough into the pan. I spray my hands with Pam so the dough doesnt stick to me. This recipe makes a thick crust so if you like thin, only use one package (or 1.5 packages) of dough. Make sure you form a lip on the crust edge to hold the sauce in.

Cover the dough in pizza sauce. Sprinkle hamburger over the entire crust. I always add some garlic salt or sea salt to the crust edge as my kids like that salt on the edge.

Cover generously in mozzarella cheese.

Place in center of over and cook about 11 mins.

Yes I know I make my pizza backwards (meat under the cheese) but thats why it tastes so good. You can also substitute pepperoni, canadian bacon etc. Or sometimes I do hamburger bacon.

If it is just for me and hubby I add onion, mushrooms and black olives. Just add anything you like but put it under the cheese.

But I will say there is something about a hamburger pizza that people go crazy for. I think because most of us ate it in our youth even though you rarely see it anymore.

Best of all - this makes a huge pizza for very little money. Taste great the next day too.

Happy Eating!


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