Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kays Craft Predictions for 2012

I thought I would do a light hearted fun post to kick the new year off.

One thing I know is craft trends like fashion trends tend to cycle around. I really feel we will see a big push for southwest and Native American colors and crafts. I already see interest peaking again for turquoise and silver jewelry. Southwest patterns and really any geometric pattern I think will gain in popularity this year.

One of my horse friends sent me this beautiful dream catcher wind chime. Love it!!

I also see a big push back to handmade clothing. Crocheted items, knitted items, woven etc. I think the designers that can look outside the box and make items you normally do not see will be miles ahead. Think of lacey summer shirts hand crocheted etc. Crochet is not just for winter anymore!

I think colors are going to stay in the nature theme. As times get tough, people want simpler things and want to be surrounded by items that comfort them. Colors that make people relax and remind them of the outdoors I think will be popular. And those native american colors. Sage green, adobe, pale yellow all soothing colors.

I do think there will be a little shake up in the handmade jewelry market. Only because this market is so over saturated right now. I think the ones that got in just to make a quick buck will get back out this year. Which will be good for the ones that are in it to stay.

I remember years ago when I taught tole and decorative painting; it seemed like everyone was selling painted items for a couple years. The market was so over saturated it wasn't even funny. Which was good for me since I was teaching people how to do it. But after a couple years the ones that got in to make a fast buck got right back out.

I guess we will have to wait until Jan 2013 to see if I am right! If not it was still fun.

Bottom line is no matter what craft you do; you have to be passionate about it. Yes we all want to make money - but without the passion you won't be as successful.

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