Thursday, January 12, 2012

Information on Publishing Your Own E-book

Most of you know I have several e-books on my website, Amazon and now Barnes and Noble. Way fun!!! And thankfully mine are starting to sell really well now.

I am getting ready to publish my newest e-book titled "Etsy Store SEO." More on that later.

I get a lot of emails asking me how I got started and how to format for Kindle etc.

I am always researching and trying to find good information on self publishing. Like all things there's a lot of trash on the internet that you have to sort through to get the good stuff.

I find an awesome blog a couple days ago on writing and self-publishing your own e-books. This blog is a diamond mine full of excellent information.

Its also a great blog to read if you need some inspiration to keep going.

I feel sure you will thank me for that link. Be sure and go back and read his old posts on getting started with Kindle etc. Also read the comments. Lots of good info there from other writers.

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