Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Demand Studios Writer Sections Now Live

I guess this is just another Demand Studios joke. They finally went live with writer sections today. Supposedly you would see this:

Similar to the previous application page, your status will be “Approved,” “Eligible” or “Ineligible.” Your status on the new page will be based on your current permissions and application history. For new sections or sections you have not previously applied, you will see a live “Apply” link.

All I have is apply links and apparently that is what everyone else has. I thought for sure I would be put into the pets section given the hundreds of pet articles I wrote for both Demand Studios and Yahoo Associated Content. (with good scores and great comments by editors) But apparently that is not enough and I will have to apply to write for pets. What a joke.

I feel strongly this all for show for investors to make it look like there will be work again. NOT.

Instead of wasting time applying for a section, I think I will just write another pet e-book.

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