Friday, January 6, 2012

Buying Domain Names for Websites

The other day a friend sent me her new website with her new .com name. I cringed. It was a really bad .com.

The best .com names say what they are and include keywords. Before you buy a .com name really think about it.

Some of you know I am going to offer my SEO service for Etsy stores. So I just bought (its not finished yet!) It says what it is and includes 3 keywords. Search engines like that a lot.

When I started my pony websites I bought and Why? Because they say exactly what they are an include my biggest keywords. These websites rose so quickly in Google that even my friends that know SEO were shocked. For about 6 months I ranked even higher than our registry website. But I fixed that by getting on the committee and helping rebuild our registry website. Now I am ranked one under them which suits me fine.

But that is the affect a good .com name can have.

Don't forget that you can always buy extra domain names and point them to your server. This is a clever way to get extra traffic especially if you accidentally bought a poor .com name. Or you could buy your business name and then buy extras that say what it is.

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  1. I loved your semi-comical approach to this common problem. All to often I have seen some great niches go to waste because of poor domain name choices. I think the problem is that many good domain names are taken already, as niche marketing becomes more popular. However, long tail keywords are definitely the key to securing a great domain name, a very targeted audience and a boat load of traffic.


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