Monday, January 30, 2012

Blog SEO - Is Anyone Reading Your Blog?

Okay Joesph from Kindleboards this one is for you! And all of my other friends with blogs.

The same SEO or search engine optimization techniques I have been writing about for websites and Etsy stores applies to blogs.

If you want people to read your blog you have to be found. This blog is fairly new in blog terms. (started Sept 2011) While I don't have a huge amount of followers it does get a large consistent amount of daily hits. Enough daily hits that companies are starting to offer me payment to put their ads on this blog. That is always a good sign.

Blog Domain Name:

Buy your blog domain name. Yes it is important! If you are here on blogger you can buy it very easily for 10.00. Or you can go purchase it somewhere else and put it in your settings. It is worth its weight in gold. Pick the domain name carefully and make sure it says what it is and try to include keywords.

I have noticed that people are starting to search for this blog by typing in "kays list" into Google. I will probably buy that .com and have it forward to here. Why pass up a good opportunity? Remember that works for websites too. Here is an older blog post of mine on how to buy domain names.

Blog Title SEO:

So many blog writers do not even use the blog title. You really need to use the blog title space. But to make it more effective stop and think about it. Use keywords that someone would use to find your blog post. Look at my title today. I put my biggest keywords first (Blog SEO) and then followed with some fun text to insert my sparkling personality. It is very similar to a newspaper article heading. Bad headings do not get read. Good headings capture attention and get read.

To look professional, you should use capitol letters in the first word just like a real article would do. Because after all that is what you are writing - an article. For my Etsy friends think of your blog title just like an Etsy product title.

Blog Post SEO:

In no way am I saying to lose your personality, but you need to get used to writing with keywords. I promise after you get used to writing with keywords it will become second nature to you and you will always write with keywords. Do not go overboard and keyword stuff.

Do not get lazy especially if you are a writer. Writing a blog still requires proper punctuation, grammar etc. I see a lot of text speak, horrible grammar etc in blog posts. This does not show you in your best light and search engines are not fans of that. Today's search engines (especially Google) are trying to find quality content.

Be descriptive in your posts. Say what things are! If you are selling something in a post it is not an "item." Say exactly what it is. It is an e-book on miniature horses, it is a jar of homemade strawberry jalapeno jam, it is an ASPC/AMHR pinto stallion. See all of those keywords? It doesn't matter if I am trying to sell an e-book, jam, or a pony. It has to be descriptive and include keywords to get the right readers.

I cannot tell you how many blogs I read where things are so vague. They say "my next project" instead of my next science fiction thriller e-book. My newest item on Etsy, instead of "here is my newest silk flower wreath for sale on my Etsy store!." See how easy it is to insert keywords?

Bullet Points:

Notice that I am using bullet points in this blog entry. I did that because I knew it would be a longer blog post. Search engines like bullet points on longer articles. Readers like them too because it breaks up the text and is easier to read.

Embedding Links:

You really should embed your links in text. This is what search engine robots like. They like it because the text describes the link.
So instead of saying visit, you should write visit my miniature horse website today!

Readers are savvy and know that the change of color means a link is "clickable" Is that a word? I see so many blogs with links that are what many refer to as "dead" or not live. They just put and assume the reader will copy and paste it. They won't. We are all lazy and do not want to have to copy and paste a link into our browsers. If you want people to click your link, embed it and make it live.

Prime Blog Real Estate:

In blog terms the right side is considered prime real estate. Yet everyday I see blogs with most of their information on the left. Left is awkward for most readers. Yes I realize there are left handed people, but the majority are right handed. An email I received the other day specifically asked for ad space on the right side of my blog. The right upper top spot is primo. Notice that is where my links to my other websites is located.

If you are putting an amazon widget on your blog to sell your book - put it on the right side of your blog. If you are putting an Etsy widget on your blog put it on the right.

At the end of the day remember that search engines are literal. You must be descriptive and say what things are specifically. Write with your reader in mind and what keywords they would use to find your blog/website/store.

Quickly skim back over this blog post and see how many text rich keywords I used.


  1. I am always looking online for tips about registering a new domain and information about the internet that can facilitate me. Thank you!

  2. Thanks asiboy. It always makes me happy when people find this information useful! Kay

  3. Brilliant blog! Nice to "meet" you (Louise from KDP), and pleased to follow such an informative blog.

  4. Thank you so much Louise! I am following your blog now too. Great blog!


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