Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are You in an Etsy Sales Slump?

I have been hearing lots of grumbling about a lack of sales on Etsy.

This is traditionally a very slow time for retail. Doesn't matter if it is online sales, box store sales or even real estate sales. Most people are in recovery mode from the holidays and getting ready to file their taxes.

There is always that spurt of sales the first and second week of Jan as people who got cash or gift cards for Christmas spend them. After that it will be pretty slow until after tax time.

Once people start getting their tax refunds watch out! That is when you will see a spike in sales again. I see it every year in everything I sell whether that be ponies, books, jam or crafts.

Use this slow time to get organized, plan your 2012 craft shows, order supplies, come up with new designs or books.

Honestly this time of year is usually a relief to me as I am filing my own taxes and catching my breath from Christmas and first and second week Jan sales.

I am finishing my next miniature horse e-book, planning crafts shows and farmers markets for my jam and just basically getting my life together before it all turns to chaos again. This includes updating all of my websites.

Finish up all those things you have been putting off because you were "too busy."

I even found a much cheaper supply for my jam labels yesterday during my down time. This nice little find will increase my jam profits by 10 cents per jar. Which is a huge deal over hundreds of jars of jam.

Also if you have an Etsy store this is the time to tweak your titles, tags and descriptions and get that SEO working for you.

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