Sunday, December 2, 2012

Etsy & Google Product Listing Ads

So sorry for the lack of recent posts. Thankfully sales have been going great for my Etsy store and website I hope others are also having some great sales numbers!

I am personally seeing great results from Etsy purchasing the Google Product Ads! I had estimated when they first announced this that it would have a huge impact and I do believe I was right.

I am averaging about 50 Google Product listing hits on my Etsy store per day. And the best thing is the conversion from views to sales for this is very high.

If you are not seeing the same thing in your Etsy shop chances are you are not showing up in the Google Product Listing Etsy ads. I went over this in an older post but will go over the main reasons why again here. If you are not getting a lot of views from Google Product listings you probably are violating the Google Shopping listing rules. In a nutshell here are the ones most people violate.

My new favorite skip stitch fleece blanket

Free shipping in the product title or description. I cannot believe how many people still make this mistake. If you do this Google shopping kicks your listing out. Customers are not stupid! If you have 0.00 in the shipping field they know that means free shipping. There are very few benefits to putting it in your title or description and the drawbacks are huge.

Keyword stuffing. You all know I am big on using your best keywords. But if your titles and/or descriptions look like a big keyword stuffed mess; then you are in violation. Also customers hate this and most say it looks spammy.

Using cutesy symbols in the description. Okay just stop with all the cutesy heart symbols! Stop!! Number one it just looks silly and childish and number two Google shopping will boot you out for it. Don't use any other symbols either. But I have to say I see more cutesy hearts than anything else.

Etsy has only agreed to pay for the ads until the end of December. I really hope they decide to extend this as it has been huge for our shop!

Wishing you all a great Christmas and lots of sales!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Our New Yarn Tamer Yarn Buddy!

I cannot stand it trying to crochet and having my yarn fall on the floor or trying to constantly flip my yarn over while I crochet. I had looked at buying a "yarn buddy" or yarn lazy susan and could not believe the prices! Most of them I found were 55.00 to 60.00 each.

So........I asked hubby to come up with an affordable alternative. And he did it! Our yarn tamer is made from pine to be lightweight and functional. Made with a lazy susan base our yarn tamer will turn the yarn for your while you knit or crochet. Such a huge time saver for yarns that wrap from the outside. Our handmade yarn buddy can hold many different sizes of yarn and cotton threads. This will even hold yarn or thread cones. Our price is only $25.00 plus shipping. To order see my Etsy store or website

No more yarn rolling on the floor getting dirty or using those cheap plastic yarn jugs that scrape your yarn.

And this is 100 percent handmade in the USA!!

Watch for your double yarn tamer/buddies coming soon!

Monday, October 22, 2012

New Crochet Pattern Quick & Easy Crochet Infinity Scarf

Just got this finished yesterday and got some pictures with my new mannequin. This is a really fun stress free quick and easy crochet pattern to make an infinity or mobius scarf. This is a great beginners project or a great project for people like me that like instant gratification.

This crochet scarf uses Yarnbee Finale yarn. I had never used this before but now I am in love! It results in a really soft warm scarf due to the wool blend of the yarn. I also love this scarf as you can wear it so many different ways

To order this crochet pattern as an instant download go to my Etsy store Kay's Crochet Patterns

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Etsy and the New Browse Feature

Etsy sellers are very upset about the new browse feature as you can see the multitude of posts regarding this.

I see so many sellers spending hours upon hours studying the browse pages and then re making their listings to get on one page of browse.

I personally think this is a huge mistake. Most customers are still using search to find what they want. Either Etsy search or Google (Yahoo & Bing) search. If you re do your listings specifically for browse they probably will not get picked up in search.

I agree that this was really lousy timing for Etsy to implement such a big change (right before the Holidays) but as I have posted many times; none of us can control Etsy. We can only control how we react.

My own views went down once browse started but my sales are still good and going up. So I am betting I am getting better quality of views.

I would suggest that sellers hang tight and only tweak their SEO. If you have good SEO to begin with, you should be fine. Etsy admin has said this many times.

Sellers time would be much better spent taking better pictures and using good SEO than changing listings to fit into browse.

I made a special section on my new crochet knitting forum just for Etsy sellers. If you need help with your SEO or just want to chat and vent come on by!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Newest Crochet Pattern Toddler Hooded Scarf aka Scoodie

My newest crochet pattern is another one that uses Bernat Baby Blanket yarn. You can make this toddler hooded scarf in just about an hour or so. Very stress free!

To purchase this crochet pattern just go to this link to my Etsy store

This is a great crochet project for beginners!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Work From Home with Taskrabbit

This looks like it could really take off. Its a much more polished and professional looking version of Craigslist that I think will appeal to many more people.

Unlike Craigslist, Taskrabbit makes you apply to get work listed and they do a background check on all their "taskrabbits"

Although it is only offered for live work in a few cities, there is a lot of virtual work that many could apply for, such as data entry, office admin, accounting etc.

Hopefully it will be coming to Ohio soon.

If you decide to sign up please use my referral code link:)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Facebook Gifts Coming Soon

Facebook has announced that "Facebook Gifts" is coming soon. Sounds like an exciting opportunity. Although their page does not give a lot of details, it looks like it will be something a long the lines of being able to purchase a gift and send it to your friend or family member right on Facebook. Then the friend you sent it to adds their address and can change the order (size, flavor, etc)

To sign your business up click here to go to the Facebook link.

You have to give them all of your info (phone, address etc) and verify that you can ship 100 plus items per day. They also ask you to upload photos of your items.

I did it as I figure what do I have to lose? Could be really fun and exciting to get in on the ground floor. But none of us has any idea of what they are looking for.

I would think they would get this up and going soon before the holidays. If done right I think it could be great. You could send a birthday gift over to a Facebook friend with just a click! How fun is that?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Etsy Purchasing Google Ads What Does It Mean?

I was very happy to see that Etsy is finally going to put some money into advertising via Google Shopping ads. This should be really good for all Etsy Sellers.

But I do know that so many have listings in violation of Google Shopping Rules. If you are one of them hurry and get your Etsy store cleaned up! Biggest offenders that will get you kicked out of Google Shopping are the following:

1. Do not put "free shipping" or anything about shipping in your titles or descriptions.

2. Do not use symbols or unnecessary punctuation in your titles

3. Do not put policy info in your product descriptions

4. Do not go crazy keyword stuffing titles

All of these will get your Etsy shop kicked out of Google Shopping. I have other blog posts on this but I feel with Etsy now spending 1 million dollars on Google Ads it is worth repeating!

My newest little baby blanket the pink cheetah

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Newest Skip Stitch Blanket Pattern aka Giraffe Baby Blanket

This skip stitch crochet pattern was so fun to crochet! I love the giraffe animal print fleece. And this edge looks great for baby boys or girls. This is an old stitch my grandma taught me 20 years ago. I notice most do not make this stitch puff like I do but I love the puff to it especially for blankets. This blanket was made with the skip stitch blade that we sell on our website and Etsy store.

I sell both the crochet pattern or the finished blanket for people that don't want to make their own.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Newest Crochet Pattern - Shell Stitch Ear Warmer/Wrist Warmer

Yep its been a bit since I have blogged as life as been so hectic! First we attended Backwoods Fest here in Thornville Ohio as a vendor for the first time. Wow I still cannot believe the crowds and the amount of crochet items we sold in 3 days. By Sunday we were pretty much sold out. We will definitely be back next year with a lot more to sell!

Our booth at the Thornville Backwoods Fest shack

I have been despertly trying to catch up ever since the show. I had so many requests from other crocheter's to make a crochet pattern for my shell stitch ear warmer and I finally have it done. I also decided it had to have a matching wrist warmer aka texting glove pattern. Here's some pictures of the crochet shell stitch ear warmer and wrist warmer:

The matching wrist warmer/texting glove

You can purchase this pattern on my website or Etsy store!

I have lots more to blog about tomorrow!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Etsy and the Constant Changes and Tests

I have never in all my time with Etsy seen so many changes and experiments made in such a short time.

Many of them are obviously not well thought out. Which surprises me for such a large company with a huge pool of talent. There doesn't seem to be a rigid screening process for all the new ideas they are trying to implement. Its almost like Etsy is racing to see how many changes and experiments they can do in a short time frame.

Which has to be why the site has encountered so many outages lately. Crazy stuff.

What bothers me the most is sellers reactions. I see so many Etsy sellers just going nuts over the experiments and proposed changes.

Do not let the experiments and changes rule what you do.

What Etsy does is not in your control so let it go and do what you do. If I come across something that is out of my control I address it and then make a decision. I can either accept it and keep moving forward or I could close my Etsy store. For me the only correct decision for now is to keep my store and keep moving forward.

Do not let Etsy distract you from your true purpose which is to keep making beautiful things and selling them.

And again this is why I warn people to not only depend on Etsy to sell your items. Always use at least one other venue and promote your own website.