Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Selling Crafts on Etsy Part 1

A couple years ago I had an Etsy store selling tole painting patterns. Honestly I did not have enough to sell to get noticed so shut my shop down. People kept mistaking my patterns for actual items so I did more refunds than sales.

Recently I opened another Etsy shop for my jam and jelly. Boy have things changed on Etsy! Seems they are being over run by resellers and like everything on the internet, Google Panda changed things. This sounds real familiar if you have ever done free lance writing.

It does make me cringe that Google has so much power over the interent but thats a post for another day.

Back to Etsy. My opinion is that Etsy grew to big too fast and now the growing pains are showing. Who would have ever thought that Etsy (the site known for all things handmade) would turn into a smaller version of Ebay? With so many resellers from China etc selling on there daily, the charm of Etsy is being lost.

One common theme on the Etsy forums is that Etsy has just a tiny group of employees in the NY office and that is why you cannot call them. Hmmm. Really? Because a quick Google search shows that Etsy has 125 employees. I really doubt that the office is run by 5 people, which is what people on their forum will exclaim to anyone that complains.

And if they do only have 5 people in the office then something is definitely wrong. Add to this their new board member that also sits on the board of Walmart and well you can probably guess where this is going.

If I had the money I would start a real handmade website. Heck I will go one better and say I would make a made in the USA handmade only website. A girl can dream right?

But seriously I do think a top notch site could definitely give Etsy a run for their money. Problem is sites like Artfire are not getting any traffic so really are not a competitor of Etsy. Other start ups are obviously lacking financial backing and will probably fail.

But if someone had some deep pockets they could definitely get a good thing going.

More on Etsy later!

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