Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The New Yahoo Voices

I really am starting to hate Google. First Demand Studios tanks and now Yahoo/Associated Content (now known as Yahoo Voices) is sinking fast.

I have written for Yahoo/AC off and on for many years. Logging into my account this month is nothing short of depressing. I have never had views this low.

Anyone ever notice how every time Associated Content changes names; views go down? I don't think they can even sink any lower than they are now.

I haven't written my Featured Content for December as I am not sure its worth it. Yeah its a 15.00 upfront payment but then they get full rights. I am seriously thinking blogging pays more than Demand Studios or Yahoo Voices. I may just start a pets blog since and write all my horse, dog and cat articles there. At least then I have the freedom to write what I want and not wait on editors, featured articles that never arrive etc.

I really think more and more of us freelance writers will have to start paving our own way and leave behind the content farms.

The only good thing about Google Panda is it did even out the playing field. If you write good articles on timely subjects they will get read. Even without Yahoo or Demand Studios.

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