Friday, December 30, 2011

Etsy Tags and Keywords

Since the discussion of Etsy SEO, I looked at many people's listings. What I found is most are not using all of their tags and many are using tags that have nothing to do with what they sell.

Using tags that have nothing to do with what you sell, may get you views, but it won't get you sales.

Lets say you get 500 views in 48 hours. But no sales. Then basically those views were wasted. This is what happens when you use un related tags. I would rather get 30 views and 2 sales. Again don't get caught up in how many views you get, but pay attention to how many views to sales you get.

When possible use phrases as tags. Instead of "vintage" "book" use "vintage book"

Its also important to use keywords phrases in your description. For example some of my keywords might be "strawberry" "jam" "homemade" So I would type a sentence like this:

My homemade strawberry jam is made with fresh strawberries etc etc.

The next mistake I see is people using text that does not read naturally. Instead it reads like a bunch of keywords lumped together. Don't do that!

Another mistakes is glaring typing and grammar errors. Be sure you proofread your text. If your not sure put it through a spell checker.

And back to long titles. Several people have told me "but so and so does it and has a ton of sales" They probably got lucky and made their most valuable keywords in the beginning of the title. Or it worked for a bit until Google figured it out. But even for customers on Etsy don't you think a title like this is a turn off to your customers?

Black//Blue//Pink//Zebra//Cloth -- Baby/// print etc etc

It just looks unprofessional and it really is not an advantage. Heck my titles are very short and sweet yet I get sales.

Here are some of mine

Strawberry Jalapeno Jam (sold within 15 mins of listing the other day)

Triple Berry Jam

Bodacious Blackberry Jam

Why do these short titles work? Because that is what people put in search to find these flavors. They are short but they are exactly what someone puts into Etsy or Google search to find them.

If you are unsure of what your top keywords are use Google Keyword Tool.

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