Thursday, December 29, 2011

Etsy Relevancy and Google

Okay so I said I would do some more posts on selling on Etsy and here it is. One of my friends at Demand Studios had posted her shop and I posted some ways to tweak her listings to get seen on Etsy.

Last night we had a fun discussion on the Etsy forums on how to use SEO in Etsy listings.

One of the biggest questions on Etsy is how do you get your shop seen. You have to be seen by both Etsy search and Google. Etsy relevancy has literally leveled the playing field in Etsy search. This helped some and put others in the 0 views rank.

The good thing is most tweaking will help both. I am not an expert but I will say I get asked a lot how a new store like my Etsy jam store got so many sales in a short amount of time. There are tons of other people selling jam and jelly on Etsy so I do have a lot of competition.

1. Clear concise titles
2. Original quality descriptions
3. Tags

Luckily with years of freelance content writing I already know what search engines are looking for when a person searches.


Some disagree with me but having long titles with dashes or hyphens is not helping you. Stuffing a title full of keywords is also not going to help. Pick your top keywords and stick to those. You must think like your customer. What would they type in Etsy or Google search to find you?

Would they type "Steampunk necklace" or would they type in "steampunk - unusual beautiful -- curved black and blue 18" necklace" I would bet they are going to type in steampunk necklace.

I did a test this morning. I typed in steampunk necklace on Etsy search to see what it would pull up. (Danielle I was looking for your beautiful necklace!) I went through the first 6 pages and unfortunately Danielle's was no where to be found. What it pulled up was all the listings that had "steampunk necklace" in the first 3 words of the listing.

Then I did another test. I typed in large hoop earrings. Again Danielle's beautiful earrings did not appear in the first pages of search, even though she has a beautiful pair on her Etsy store. The problem is she filled her title full of extra words but never used "large hoop earrings" in the title. I have to think anyone that loves large hoop earrings will search with that.

To see Danielles beautiful jewelry click here

Sometimes less is definitely more. Don't over think it. Go back to basics.


Google is big on finding good original content. Not copied content. Pick a "voice" for your descriptions (depending on who your customers are) Sprinkle keywords and keyword phrases through out the paragraph. It must read naturally. If it reads like a keyword stuffed mess, you are dead in the water.

Freelance writers call it writing "tight" that is writing clear concise descriptions that get the message across quickly. You do not have to write 10 paragraphs to get seen. You just have to write one really good one. When I write online content for Yahoo, DMS etc its usually 400 words or less. This is because people have a very short attention spans.

Okay this is so long I will stop here for today. Now that you are at the end of this very long blog post, take a minute to skim back over it. Look at all the keywords I dispersed through out this blog post. (Etsy, Google, SEO, Etsy relevancy, Demand Studios, Etsy forums, selling on Etsy etc etc)

Bottom line is this all applies whether you are writing for your website, blog or store.


  1. Thank you! This is finally starting to make sense for me. Is there a list somewhere of "forbidden" characters? I use : in every listing, is this a bad thing to do?

  2. You are so welcome! Where do you use it? In the title or description? I would try not to as there is no advantage to doing that.

  3. I just read through all of Googles do's and don'ts They are pretty explicit that you do not use caps, repeated keywords or punctuation in titles. They said that using one hyphen per title to show a color is acceptable. For example:

    Mens Polo Shirt - Red

  4. Thank you, Kay! I started taking it out of my titles yesterday, and will continue today. I am far from the best writer of descriptions, but I am trying to write using my keywords, too.

    I just became syndicated yesterday, and I really hope I can get some hits from Google Shopping as well.

  5. It will really become second nature once you start writing with keywords in mind. It gets so much easier as you go. Google likes everything to sound natural. So reading your descriptions out loud always helps too.

  6. Kay are you saying we shouldn't have any capitol letters in our titles to get more views from Google? Trying to understand it all but still lost.



  7. Hi Lona! Capitalize the first letter of each word in the title.

    However, do not capitalize tags! Most people that search never use caps.

    I have found that some capitalize the entire title and that is just a waste. Google likes the titles and descriptions to look professional. This is why they specifically ask that you do not use unnecessary punctuation, dashes etc.


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