Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Demand Studios New Sections

I did get a bit of time to stumble over to the Demand Studios forum and catch up on what is going on.

Basically they announced 11 new sections with new section leaders. Which is ironic because they still say that basically there will be no new titles. So what is the point of having 11 sections with leaders? If you figure that out let me know. It could just be a show for investors to make it look like DMS is moving ahead.

I would like to write for the pet section, but I doubt I will qualify. Writing about pets of course is one of my major passions and I have done a lot of pet writing on Demand. But their stiff odd way of making everyone write always gave me grief. Maybe its best if I stay away from there but I do really miss the money. But even thinking of going back to writing the Demand Studios way, makes me a little sick.

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