Thursday, October 13, 2011

Working with

Just read about this one this morning on the DMS forum. I thought it looked interesting so signed up there this morning.

Unlike other "writer for hire" websites this one looks to pay better rates per word than most.

You can look through the list of what buyers are wanting, or just submit an article you have written to sell.

I took one off the list of what buyers are wanting and wrote an article on organizing a non-profit organization. After I submitted it, I got a reply that their moderator would look it over for acceptance. I know they pass the articles through copyscape etc.

I will update on whether mine was accepted and how the rest goes.


  1. I have ghostblogger on my 'list' but haven't signed up with them yet. I will be curious to see how you do! Nice blog btw!

  2. Thanks so much! I still have not received word on the article I submitted there. I looked around but they really do not say how long it takes to get an article approved. I suspect they have a lot of new writers submitting articles due to the DMS issues.


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