Wednesday, October 5, 2011

When is an Announcement Not an Annoucment? Demand Studios Email

When your Demand Studios of course! So funny after the post I made this morning and now we get the big announcement.

Problem is the "announcement" really didn't say anything except that things are going to change and Ehow titles will be reduced. We already knew that.

Many people saw this coming and some were right on the money. No I dont think DMS is going under but I do think they are going to totally restructure. And that in turn means they are not going to need nearly as many writers and editors.

More telling than the announcement itself is the replies given in the forum. 

My biggest gripe is the ads proclaiming that DMS would always have work and you could make a full time income. And I did and I was thankful for it. Apparently some of those ads are still running. I kept wondering over the last month why Demand didn't just pull all of their writers/editors wanted ads. What a waste of everyone's time. They obviously are not really actively taking on new writers or editors.

I do think many writers will get to stay and continue on but I think they will see a decrease in pay.

As for me I will keep doing what I do and keep putting one foot in front of the other! I was writing long before DMS and I will be writing long after.

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