Sunday, October 23, 2011

Update on

My article on non profits finally got approved. But now its just sitting.

I mistakenly thought that if I wrote a requested article and it was approved, then it was sold. Guess that is not how it works. Darn.

They put a price on it of 22.50 and if it sells I get something like 16.00

I am not happy with how long it takes to get an article approved. If someone posted on there looking for an article and it takes almost 2 weeks to be approved, they probably bought one somewhere else.

But again I suspect this site has been flooded with articles due to Demand Studios writers having nothing to write.


  1. I wrote an article on there weeks ago and it still hasn't sold, so I'm not sure it's the goldmine we were all hoping for.

  2. No I dont think so as my article is just sitting too. I think I will pull it and publish it on Yahoo


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