Monday, October 10, 2011

For My Demand Studios Colleagues

Lots of DMS writers are looking for other online work. Go back to the beginning of this blog as some of the better paying opportunities are at the beginning like Leap Source etc.

Now that the Ehow titles finally went to zero I think it is finally hitting many DMS writers that this is really happening.

Also there is a ton of work on Odesk for data entry, answering phones (must have a head set and in many cases must have a web cam) Do they pay as well as Demand? Nope but any money is better than no money.

Try thinking outside of the box too. I have been pleasantly surprised by my jam sales for the last month. Never in a million years did I think so many people would want to buy homemade jam. So while that may not be something you want to do it does show that sometimes things fall in your lap when you least expect it.

Best wishes to all the DMS writers out looking, keep your head up and your eyes open.

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