Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Demand Studios Title Drought

So I come back in town and log into DMS and I find literally almost nothing. Crazy stuff. I have been writing there since May 2010 and have never seen titles this low. This morning the total count was like 1200 titles and most of those are not writable. This includes the other titles I am approved for like Ehow money and Chron.

Having worked in freelance most of my life I know nothing is ever "for sure." But you would think Demand would give their writers at least a small hint of what is going on. Morale is so low there its not even funny.

I have been applying like crazy for other writing jobs and beefing up my Yahoo/AC articles.

The timing really sucks with the holidays right around the corner. Everyone thought the title drought was just the usual summer down time but apparently that wasn't true.

Demand used to be such a fun place to write for. Not so much now. Between the stress of the Writer Evaluation Program, needless edits and re-writes and now the lack of titles; its quickly becoming not worth it. 

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  1. I completely agree. I have been writing for Demand since last April and the titles got more and more whacky. They lack up updates is shameful.


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