Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Demand Studios Select Program

Edited 10-23-11 to say Demand Studios Sucks has now admitted this was a hoax. It was a damn good one! Sometimes you have to be able to laugh. I do want to point out though that the thread was deleted off the DSS forum. The DSS forum and the DMS forum may not be so different after all :)

Finally!!! Finally a leak about the Demand Studios Ehow Select Program. I had first read about this on the demand studios sucks forum and I knew it was true. Now we finally have proof. This is from the DMS forum that someone had the guts to post.

Edited to say many think this is a spoof and not a real message to the Select writers. I cannot say 100 percent but I personally believe its true.

Dear eHow Select writers,

Today, Demand Media Studios launched its new First Look program for regular eHow writers.

In an effort to further reward our best writers, we have decided to launch Premiere, a program that will allow eHow Select writers to claim high-quality titles before they reach the non-Select title pool. In effect, eHow Select writers who qualify for the Premiere program will get exclusive access to titles that have been released by our titling department for a period of 24 hours. After that period, unclaimed titles will then be made available to non-Select writers who qualify for the First Look program. 48 hours later, the remaining titles will make it to the general pool.

The requirements for gaining access to Premiere are a median structure score of 4.0 or above for the last 50 submitted articles and an average productivity score of 7 or above. To calculate the productivity score, we will divide your total number of accepted articles written during the past two months by 60.

As always, we ask you to keep this information, along with all other details about the eHow Select program, confidential.

Content Manager eHow Select

Now how funny is that? Why Demand thought this had to be kept super top secret is beyond me. Now we find out not only is there a select group of writers now there will be a Premiere group, then Select, then First Look and then us crappy low life writers. Dang.

I suspected the rumors were true all a long but always thought it was funny how DMS always acted like anything on demand studios sucks was a lie. Well theres your proof. Too funny.


  1. It's not real.

    Why would "Lydia" say that First Look is for "regular eHow writers," when it isn't? It's open to all writers.

    "It [First Look] is intended to reward our highest-rated writers." That's all writers, Kay, not just eHow writers.

    In fact, not many "regular eHow writers" made it into First Look.

    So, it's a fake.

  2. I just read where DSS finally admitted it was a hoax. I gotta say they it was a pretty convincing one. I think Jordon inadvertently made it seem more plausible when he so quickly deleted the thread.


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