Saturday, October 15, 2011

Demand Studios Formally Starts Letting Writers Go

Most of us knew it was coming but some still thought things at DMS would work out. Demand Studios started releasing the first round of "your services are no longer needed" emails. Kinda funny as I had posted on the Yahoo forum that I felt sure this kind of email would follow the previous Demand email on the shortage of titles.

Some are calling it the "Demand Studios Firing Email" but come on people. We are all FREELANCE writers. You can not be fired!

Heres a copy of the email:

We regret to inform you that we are removing your Demand Media Studios writing permissions. As you are aware, we look at our writers on a number of dimensions - including but not limited to article audits by in-house editors, overall scores and rejection rates.

Taking into consideration the above factors, it has been determined that your body of work does not meet our standards for quality.

If you currently have any work in progress, these articles may be submitted for review and payment if approved. However, effective today, you will no longer be permitted to claim additional titles.

If you are currently approved for any other roles within the Studio, this decision does not affect them in any way.

We wish you luck with your future writing projects.

Best Regards,

Demand Media Studios Editorial Team

I really do feel bad for the the writers that believed things would go back to "normal" Heck I still wish they would go back but that is just not going to happen.

Today they also announced hiring for a new Golf section. But the requirements are pretty stiff.

I haven't gotten my farewell email yet but for sure it would not surprise me. Most writers noticed that their articles were being audited the last 2 weeks so it was only a matter of time until many were let go.

We need a blog brightening pony pictures :)

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