Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Demand Studios First Look Program

Okay I have to admit I didn't see this one coming. I don't think anyone did. DMS is going to average out writers scores for their last 50 articles. If your grammar score is at least a 4 you get a "first look" at available titles before the rest of the lower scoring writers.

Another kicker is everyone's queues are going back to 10. Now that is something I can get behind LOL. Even after writing for Demand for 19 months and being approved for higher paying articles I still only had a queue of 10. So it really irritated me that some have a queue of 25 and can hoard articles.

I doubt my scores will make it. I used to have a 4 in grammar and A 4.5 in content but the latest rash of editor rewrite hell did a lot of damage to my scores in the last 40 days. Sucks to be me.

It would have made much more sense to average every writers grammar and content score, not just the grammar score. I still remember DMS telling us for months the scorecard was not a big deal and as long as you were over a 3 you were fine. And many people bought into that. Now look what a big deal scores are LOL. I understand it but it does seem a little unfair as the CE's introduce so many errors into articles and some scores make no sense at all.

I honestly think this is Demands way of getting rid of some more writers without having to send their "we don't need you anymore" email. Demand is getting so much bad press so I think they think this will avoid that. Probably won't work.

My big issue with this is we can't see this new score on our workdesk and so far I don't see anymore firm date of when it will appear. To me they should not have announced this until the score was on our work desks.

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