Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Demand Studios Drought Contines and Their Stock Drops

I hate conspiracy theories but it does seem to me that the lower the Demand Studios stock price drops; the less titles are available. Hmmm. It did go up a bit today but so did everything else. Makes you wonder for sure.

Available titles today is hovering around 1000. Out of that most are not writeable and are titles people keep claiming and throwing back. Unless of course someone can write how to disassemble and reassemble a John Deere Tractor in 400 words for 15.00. Too funny!!!

By not dropping any new titles Demand Studios does greatly reduce their accounts payable that's for sure. No writers or editors to pay.

The good news is I got a bonus article at Yahoo/AC this week so that will help. And of course I am always looking for alternatives to DMS. I have to get with Tammy and get my account at Elance going again. Now that the wedding is over and things are calming down, I am determined to tackle it.

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