Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Working with

The holiday weekend is over and I am back! Hope everyone had a great holiday.

A couple years ago I signed up to write for  Seed is the content and photo generator for AOL. Previously their articles paid a very good rate. Most were from $20. for short articles to 350.00 for feature articles.

I tried writing for AOL kids pets channels. I wrote about 10 titles that were in their list and the directions said to write to a young audience.  AOL titles are very specific like "Top 5 ways to care for your cat" etc. I thought mine were pretty good but all 10 were rejected. And it took almost a month to get the rejection. Most of the articles I took and published on Yahoo/AC so at least it wasn't a total waste.

I do know people that got published there for some of the higher paying articles. is more like gravy money. They never have a lot of consistent titles so it would be hard to make a steady income there. When I checked this morning they had zero available work so not sure what is going on. Their blog hasn't been updated since May of this year. Strange.

They used to pay pretty good for good clear digital photographs but I didn't see any assignments there either. For sure its worth checking.

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