Friday, September 2, 2011

This Blog Now Has Its Own Domain!

I decided this morning to upgrade this blog it its own domain name. My thought is this winter when I have more time I may make this a whole website and have people show their work, get guest articles etc. It may happen or it may not.

The old link will forward to the domain but if you want to re-bookmark it

Since I did that I am having issues signing into my own blog, but hopefully it will work itself out.

Blog brightening picture! Baxters Black Fashionista and her little man. Now lovingly owned by Lori Luther and Karen Craven. I so love this picture!

I have been researching some exciting new work from home opportunities but will have to wait to blog those. Today is hubbys birthday and I have company coming in town.

Please feel free to ask questions on any of the previous links I have given. Some have emailed me questions (and thats fine!) But I am thinking if you post your questions in comments on the blog, it may help someone who is too shy to post.

If you have tried any other previous free lance work, be sure and leave a comment on whether you like it, don't like it etc.

Most of all have a wonderful holiday weekend!!!! 

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