Sunday, September 25, 2011

Selling Jams & Jellies

Thought I better update so people don't think I disappeared. My friend and I got a wild hair to sell our jams and jellies at a local festival so we have been cooking like crazy all week! I am happy to say that our jams were a huge hit! Who knew?

The wine jellies were a huge hit as were the hot pepper jellies. I have to say though it was a huge amount of work with setting up at 9 am and working till 7 p.m. Lots of fun though!

I will upload pictures hopefully later.

I am really lucky to live in a cottage law state so that allows us to sell some homemade foods. For anyone else interested check out your state laws and see if you have a cottage law. Most of them are very similar outlining what you can and cannot sell made from your home kitchen. And like Ohio, most stipulate you can only see these foods in your own state.

My daughter's wedding is also this week so we will be out of town Thursday thru Sunday. 

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