Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Neat Google Keyword Search Tool

For those that write for Yahoo/AC and other places where you write your own titles. Using this Google tool can be a big help.

Google Insight Tool

You can put any keyword in and see how many are searching for it. Or just look at their main results and you can see what is trending upward etc. This can be a huge help in getting views for your Yahoo articles just by picking the right keywords to put in your title.

I know a lot of the newer writers at Yahoo don't understand that keyword is the main dictator of whether your article will get views. If no one is searching or you don't have relevant keywords in the title, your page views generally go no where.

The other day I took a glance through Yahoo and Google hot trends for searches. Noticed right off the bat that Sjorgen's Syndrome as hitting like crazy due to Venus Williams pulling out of the US open due to having Sjorgen's. So I quickly wrote an article on Sjorgen's Syndrome (symptoms etc) just to test the keyword theory. I had previously read about this disease as it is commonly seen in RA patients and my hubby has RA. I published this article on Yahoo as Display Only knowing that there was not enough time to wait for it to be reviewed for upfront pay. For many of these keywords you have to strike while the iron is hot.

To date this week this is my highest page view article on Yahoo/AC. So yes the theory works.  It literally PAYS to know what is trending in Yahoo and Google search!

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