Thursday, September 8, 2011

Making Money From Home Blogging

It was just so obvious that I missed posting about it. Last night a friend emailed me and asked me about the ads on my blog such as how did they get there, did I make money from them?

For those of us that have been on the internet forever, its the simple things we forget. We assume that everyone knows what google adsense is when actually a lot of people new to this may not know.

I started this blog truly to help other people struggling with the economy and finding jobs. And again because I am lazy and got tired of typing the same thing over and over.

Now having said that, I also put google ads on this blog and hooked some ads here. Have I made a killing in two weeks off this blog? No way!!Have made a couple bucks? Sure. But to really make money off a blog you have to have a huge number of hits and clicks. I have neither. But heck who knows, maybe someday this blog will take off and make money. Maybe it wont. Either way I am good as I love to write and mix my love of writing, ponies and family.

Speaking of ponies, here's a beautiful watercolor of Feature that my friend Abby did. Abby should start a blog about her art, family and horses. Hint hint. If you want a portrait done of your horse/pony/dog/cat see Abby's website at

If you start a blog be sure to sign up for Google Adsense. Blogger makes it really easy to apply if you do not have a Google Adsense account. Just start your blog, make about 10 posts and apply for Google Adsense.

However, be warned that Google is very picky and if they think you are gaming their system you will be banned for life. Everyday on the forums there are people screaming that their blog was taken down and their Google Adsense account terminated. You cannot spam people and you can never ever ask people to click on your ads. Doing this will get you a life time ban from Google.

Remember you have to have a real blog first and foremost. People have to connect with you and feel that you are a real person. Not a spammer trying to make them buy something or click something. You also have to stick with it and blog. I cannot tell you how many blogs I have started over the years and then abandoned them. Seems to be a blogger curse that many of us struggle with. I am determined to keep this one going as the feedback has been great. I get a lot of private comments and that keeps me going.

Having a blog is cathartic for me. I get to write whatever I want. After a full day of writing for DMS or YahooAC etc it is such a freeing feeling to come here and just write and not worry about editors etc. Unlike Facebook I don't have to worry about word count limits etc.

And ultimately I do hope it helps other people to make some income from home.

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