Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Demand Studios Writer Evaluation Program or WEP Strikes Again

Sadly another round of writer's at Demand Studios got notice that they were put into WEP or Writers Evaluation Program today. I also noticed that some just special titles taken away. I would really hate to lose my Chron and Money articles as the $25.00 is nice pay.

Seems like the house cleaning of letting writers go is on-going. Many of us thought they were done after the last round about a month ago, but apparently we were all wrong. They do seem to come in waves or groups though as you can tell from the people posting that it isn't just one or two here and there.

Everyday I fear I will get the dreaded email. It seems to me the harder I try; the more my grammar score drops. My research score is never an issue and hovers around 4.3-4.5. But my grammar score has dropped to an all time low of 3.6. Not good.

Since DMS will not really tell writers how they choose who goes into the WEP program, everyone just keeps guessing. (just vague innuendo about scores and percentages) For sure if you have high scores and a low re-write/rejection percentage, you probably have nothing to worry about. But if you are like me and  have a low percentage, good research score, but a crummy grammar score; you could be in trouble. 

Reading the DMS forum is getting too depressing. Problem is if you don't go to the forum you miss a lot of updates.

I wish DMS would just treat the writers with a little more respect and give us a firm outline of how this is done. They also should consider that someone that has written hundreds of articles, cannot bring their score up quickly since it is all done on percentages.

The ever changing guidelines don't help either. The new guidelines say passive voice is okay when needed, but just try doing it and see what you score drops to. I don't buy it for a second. 

I do have other places I write content for (and that are way more fun like Yahoo/AC) but they do not have nearly the income potential of DMS. I guess all I can do is my best and if I get let go, life will go on and move forward. They can't take away my birthday!

I do wonder if DMS ever considers what all of these WEP rounds have done to writer morale there. Or maybe they just don't care. Every time I go to my DMS work desk I inwardly cringe and my stress level shoots sky high.


  1. Kay, You gotta go over to Elance and set up an account. I only write for DS during lulls with work at Elance, and I do not undercut prices. Every time there is a little bit of a lull either in new or repeat clients over there, I go over to DS and snag a title or two. I have written 6 articles this entire year so far at DS. LOL It may take a few weeks, (with your portfolio you should not take much longer) to develop your clientele, but it will come.


  2. Hi Tami! I so messed up my account there and I have no clue how to fix it. Every time I sign in it acts like I am listing work not looking for work. I will try again to fix it after Katys wedding.

  3. LOL, you didn't mess it up... not too bad anyway. Any of us can work "either side of the desk." You should just be able to click on the "find work" tab. If not, email me with your sign in info and let me see if I can figure it out. Otherwise, you may have to write to Elance themselves, they are actually very helpful. Either way, I'm serious, it is well worth the effort. Heck, if nothing else, re-register with a different email address if you have one. LOL Really though, I think you should be able to get your account to work.

    Oh... and big congrats to Katy! I didn't even know! :)


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