Sunday, September 11, 2011

Demand Studios Title Dumps!

Woohoo! Maybe the Demand Studios drought is over? I sure hope so. They have been dumping great titles all weekend. I am trying to unfreeze myself from the DS standstill I have been in ever since the latest round of writers being let go.

There really seems to be no rhyme or reason to the Demand Studios scorecard, but I have to get over it and just write. My income has really suffered this month. While I love writing at Yahoo/AC, the income potential of Demand Studios is just not there.

I posted about my DS woes on the DS forum and someone gave me this link to check over your work

I am going to try it later today.

I have written for DS for 16 months and never seen so much score card craziness as there is right now. I am approved for higher paying articles as I normally have very high scores. But the last 60 days as seen my grammar score plummet to scary levels. Hopefully I can get it back up.

If you haven't logged into Demand Studios lately, its probably worth logging in and seeing the new titles.

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