Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yahoo Shine Get It Guide Apply Now

Okay so I haven't been paying enough attention to Yahoo/AC lately. I missed a really good contest that already closed but here is a new one.

Apparently this one is to find people with high social media scores to preview products. What is a social media score you ask? Well I had to find out LOL. Apparently you go to and it will score your media influence. Now is that crazy or what? (more on Klout later) If you want to apply to this Yahoo guide position you need to run over to first and get your score. Mine was 39 out of 100. But my influence was 100 out of 100. But again more on that later.

This looks like it could be a great opportunity for the right people. You also have to submit a video of yourself. Reading it through looks like they are wanting people with established blogs. I have made about 20 blogs over the years but never kept up with them. Dang it! Who knew blogging was still so important?

Edited to add this is for women only! 

Edited to add that my Klout score is now 54

To apply go here:

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