Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Writing for Yahoo/Associated Content

Some of the first online articles I ever got paid for were for Associated Content. Initially they paid great and there was little hassle. Then it got ugly so I left for a few years. Then they were bought out by Yahoo/Associated Content. I thought "what the heck I will try it again" After all I still get paid on those articles I wrote years ago for Associated Content.

I went back I think in January of this year. Wrote a few articles for upfront pay, then took a few titles for page view only pay. I was just testing the waters. I kinda liked it! It was much more freeing than writing for Demand Studios as you can either write to a title; or make your own article and try to sell it.

Shortly after I became active again, I applied to be a Featured Pet Writer. I got accepted and really loved it. I got a lot of 15.00 upfront pet articles and then some bonus 10.00 articles. Keep in mind unlike Demand Studios you get upfront pay plus page view pay. I was lucky enough to have a couple articles hit Yahoo News so those got a ton of views. I just figure the page view money is icing on the cake. Then Google Panda hit. Ughh. Yahoo and especially Associated Content article page views dropped to nothing almost over night.

So then Yahoo revamped the Feature Writer program and cut the number of upfront articles down. Sad day. They promised there would be new opportunities but to be honest I have not seen many. If you are lucky enough to get a beat, you can get some good upfront money. But you basically have to be able to claim articles at odd hours of the day before someone else claims them. I rarely claim them in time and hate the whole "race" aspect of it.

For awhile I got lucky with a bunch of 10.00 pet articles but haven't seen many of those for the last 60 days.

I did get to make a Ford Video that paid very well and was a lot of fun, but haven't seen anything like that lately either.

One thing I find extremely odd is that there are so many technical issues when writing for Yahoo. You would think as long as they have been around they wouldn't have so many tech issues with their work desk etc. Very odd. 

I will say this - writing for Yahoo/AC can be a great way for people to try online content writing and see if it is for them. If they like your articles you will automatically get beats, offers to have articles on Yahoo Shine etc. Any article that makes it on Yahoo news, Yahoo OMG, Yahoo Shine! etc is going to be a good payday. Also Yahoo/AC accepts everyone into the general writing pool so you do not have to have a writers resume etc.

If you decide to sign up for Yahoo/AC please use my referral number :)

If you would like to see the articles I have written there here is my profile

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