Thursday, August 25, 2011

Writing for Love to Know

I confess I applied to Love to Know months ago and apparently did not make the cut. I passed the first round and then got a list of 10 questions in email that I had to answer and send back. I did and then never heard another word. Which I do think is a little unprofessional. They should at least send a rejection letter.

The pay is really good but a some of my writer friends say it is a bit stressful as you have to commit to writing a certain amount of articles per month every month. I was told the pay is $20.00 per 500-800 word article.

If you apply be warned that it can be months before you hear anything. I had actually forgot I even applied until I got the questions email.

This is a website for women so they prefer women writers. If you are an expert on something even better. You will be asked to pick categories that you feel you are an expert on when you apply.

Here is a link to their page to apply:

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