Monday, August 29, 2011

Writing for Interact Media

I just got my approval email to write for Interact Media. My friend Cate told me about this one on Facebook.

Based on my writing sample I was given a 3 star rating out of 5. I really didnt like the sample so I guess that is good. (my sample was write an article around the keywords "editing services")

So I ran to the open job board but all jobs for this morning were already taken. There has been a ton of people on the Demand Studios forum applying and working at IM so I am sure they go fast.

Looks interesting though. When I finally get to claim an article and submit it, I will update! 


  1. Don't let the 3 rating get you down. I think that's where they start most people. They update their ratings daily (m-f), so all you need is to get a 5 on your first article and you're instantly a 4. :-) It's worth writing one or two articles for pennies to get a better rating. I waited six months before I wrote an article there. ...should have started sooner. It's a great place to write.

  2. I've been working for Interact Media for a month or so, and the jobs definitely go very fast. Keep trying, though :)

  3. Thanks so much guys! I know a lot of people that really like writing for Interact Media. They did have some articles last night but they were hi-tech articles so not my cup of tea. But I will keep checking!


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