Thursday, August 25, 2011

Working for Leapsource

The most common work they hire out is "Search Engine Evaluator" I was told this is Google work but they outsourced it out to Leapsource. WARNING the test is not easy!!! I think they are desperate to hire people though because they gave me 3 more chances to re-take the test (even though they initially said you could not re-take it) I couldn't retake the test as it came when Annie our mini foal was so sick.

First you have to apply and pass that qualification. Then they send you a document with the instructions for the test. You have 3 days to take the test before it times out. They do give you a practice test but ironically the practice test has nothing to do with the real test. Crazy stuff.

I have heard mixed reviews from friends that do this free lance work. It pays 13-15.00 hour plus bonuses. Bad thing is you have to keep and turn in your own time sheet and if they disagree, you are just out those hours. The work desk they give you tracks your hours but I guess you have to make a hand made invoice to submit for pay once a month. So you have to work 30 days and then wait for your first check. I have been told once you get going you have a check once a month. Again not sure why they don't just pay via Paypal but whatever.

This is very repetitive work searching links and picking the best link for a given subject. Basically you are ranking websites. You will have to rank some porn sites but the instructions say you do not have to actually go into the porn site. I never saw any in the tests. You do have to be careful not to have your computer get infected with viruses and the instructions do give you good advice to avoid that.

It is good consistent pay if you are very detail oriented and can pass all the tests.

To apply go to;jsessionid=6D23E6001269298E23F152985490DD3A.lf-prod-03-2209

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