Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What is Your Klout Number?

I touched briefly on Klout on another post and promised to post more later. Well - later is now.

I do think Klout scores are going to become important for free-lancers so you may want to run over to their site and see what your score is. Especially if you are a blogger.

You sign up and give them access to your Facebook, Youtube, Blogger, Fickr, etc etc. From these stats they use some magical formula to generate your Klout score. This score shows how much influence you have in your "network" 

I am not sold that the formula really works. For example mine says I am an expert in Holland. Hmm. Not so much LOL. It would have made more sense if it would have said I was an expert in Miniature Horses or Shetland ponies since this is what I talk about the most. How it got Holland I have no clue.

Blog brightening picture!

If you get a high enough Klout score, you are offered Klout perks. One current perk is getting to read Stephan Kings new book before it is made available to the public. Another one was getting to try a car for a weekend with a gas card and give reviews on it.

And like I posted previously some free-lance work is already asking you to list your Klout score to qualify for work.

Mine started at 35 and in a week I am at 57. There are some glitches though. I cannot get my Youtube account to show up on Klout. I guess they are working on it.

I am a little fascinated with these Klout numbers so if you have one please comment and tell us what your Klout number is and if you think it is accurate.

I have to say - I do think its a little bit creepy.


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