Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Top Online Money Earner--Demand Studios

By far the most reliable income I have made is from Demand Media Studios. I have been writing there now for a little over a year. Like all things DS has been going through a lot of changes which have people frustrated. While the money is not as "easy" as it used to be it still pays very well.

However, you must have writing skills to be able to earn an income at Demand Studios. Too many of my friends think I play all day on the computer and then they apply, get accepted and realize its real work. As in work. As in you have to sit your butt in the chair and actually write and think. And you have editors checking and scoring your work. Scores are important to getting the higher paying titles.

I will be giving tips here for writing for Demand Studios. For now I will list my best tips for getting approved to write titles there. Remember this is not a "job" You will be "accepted" not "hired" You will be a free-lance writer and if you earn over $600.00, you will have to file and pay taxes.

First and foremost, you have to have a writers resume. Because if you are applying for writing work, they figure you should have written for other publications. Just write a resume listing all of your writing credits with active links if the writing is on the internet.

The next most important thing is the writing sample. I used a chapter from my book on Miniature Horse Conformation. This got me in and accepted. But you can use any writing sample. Just know they are looking for a certain "voice" One that can teach people how to do something or give them easily understandable information. 

When you first start you are usually only given access to general Ehow articles that pay 15.00-16.50 per article. Right now general titles are scarce but I think it will get better this fall. If you have specialized experience such as small business, accounting, real estate etc you can apply for the higher paying titles such as (Houston Chronicle) Ehow Money, Livestrong etc. These pay $25.00 per article. Which can add up to some great money pretty quickly.

Remember if you previously had a desk job and wrote things like employee handouts etc, that counts as writing experience! Many people write all the time but just never classified it as "writing"

To apply go to the Demand Studios page and hit the "apply" button. You can also see what positions they have work for. They also hire photographers, editors etc.

I will be doing another post soon on how to get through your first 3 Demand Studios articles. You are put on "probation" until the first 3 pass through editing. Then you are given a queue of 10 to pick articles. 

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