Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Work From Home Blog

For years I have made an income with freelance internet work. Over the years I learned how to spot a fraud and how to spot the real deal. Previously friends of mine laughed at me and that's okay! Now that the economy has tanked and jobs are hard to find a ton of my friends now ask me how I earn money online. So I find myself typing the same thing over and over.

At first I thought about doing a website but I just don't have to the time to set up a new site and I think a blog will work. Anything I post I have tried or have personal knowledge of friends that have done the work, and know it to be real and not a scam. 

I am trying to add as many of the good work from home opportunities as I can right off the bat, but will keep adding them as I go.

Remember the first rule of free lance work is to always diversify. The internet can be tricky and websites can disappear or go under quickly so always have multiple income streams. 


  1. Thanks Kay! This is going to be a big help, I just know it.

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