Saturday, August 27, 2011

Making Money From Crafts

Many people do not know that I used to be a huge full time crafter. Even owned my own craft store many years ago. I taught tole and decorative painting and sold patterns to magazines. My sisters and I used to set up craft booths and sell all weekend. Man those craft shows are so much work!

One of my top selling gourd patterns:

The best way to make money in crafts is to sell your own original patterns. I still sell mine on ebay and other crafting sites. It doesn't matter what craft you do. Quilting, crocheting, painting etc. If you can come up with original designs and write clear instructions - you can sell the pattern. 

For sure the internet has made this so much easier. You can either put together a file on your desktop for the pattern or use free downloadable software. I have my painting ones in  a file that includes color pictures, a list of materials and instructions. They sell for 7.00-8.00 dollars each.

You can also sell your patterns to magazines. The last pattern I sold to a magazine I got 350.00 plus the retail price of the finished project. and that was 10 years ago! Magazines are always looking for new fresh craft ideas.

Christmas Birdhouse pattern I sold to Better Homes & Garden 

It drives me crazy that Demand Studio writers write quilting and crochet patterns for a measly 15.00!! Why do people do that? Just say no! Once you turn it in to Demand you can never resell that pattern. Crazy stuff. I hate it when people short change themselves.

Many are afraid to write craft patterns thinking they have to go to the court house and get a copyright. They don't realize that the second you produce something, you have an automatic copyright. That applies to pictures, quilts, paintings, drawings etc. I always date every pattern and then use the copyright symbol.

I got so burnt out painting the same thing 50 times. I would much rather paint something once and then sell the pattern. 

Snow woman gourd pattern

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